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Coyote Canine

Here at Coyote Canine we thrive on helping families build a stronger relationship between themselves and their dog. We want to help you get back to a stress free home. Coyote Canine has a wide variety of knowledge, methodology, and determination to help you succeed your goals. We take pride in being helpful, personable, and supportive. Dogs and their handlers leave classes, lessons, and different programs with a well behaved dog and smiles on their face.


Natasha Lowe

Behaviour Consultant and Trainer

Natasha Lowe is the owner of Coyote Canine. Natasha has been training for over 7 years and in 2017 proudly opened the doors to Coyote Canine. She is happy to help you with any obedience, behaviour modification, rehabilitation, relationship building, and understanding the needs to fulfill your dog, plus so much more! 

Natasha has currently started maternity leave. She will be resuming training Summer of 2020. Any emergencies, feel free to email or call. 




Jay Hamelin

Behaviour Consultant & Trainer

Dogs have been a part of Jay's life from the beginning. Being a Pet Parent to a current pack of 5, he unequivocally understand's the tremendous value dogs can bring to people's lives. He also understands that no two dogs are alike and sometimes things don't go quite as planned. 

For several years now Jay has made it his goal to clearly communicate the knowledge he's acquired in a simple, yet tangible way that educate's, encourages and empowers his clientele to get real, measurable results. 

Wether your dog is best suited for group classes, private lessons, or something in between, Jay is able to guide you in training, raising  and bonding with a new puppy to successfully fit into your family. Or, help you reclaim and enjoy the simplest of things like walking the dog. From one side of the spectrum of behaviours to the other and from Chihuahuas to German Shepherds, Jay can help you get going in the right direction.


Sarah Blanchette

Behaviour Consultant and Trainer

Truly understanding your dog is an extremely difficult task to achieve on your own, which is why Sarah is here to help. Sarah’s goal is to help you and your dog build the strongest relationship possible and to have you working as a team, completely in sync with one another. Whatever your objectives may be, she will happily guide you there. 


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