Wilderness Camp

We are no longer accepting new daycare clients as we are currently full. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please email us.

Welcome to our daycare. We aren't just your average every day daycare, we are pushing to create a daycare that provides both mental and physical fulfilment so your dog can learn how to properly socialize amongst other dogs. 

Daycare Benefits 

  • We have a maximum of 10 dogs daily. This ensures that your dog is familiar with the pack they are in, and they can lean and grow together. We recommend that you pick the same days weekly. 

  •  Pack Walks

  • Structured Day of rest and play

  • Controlled environment

  • Calmer Dog

  • Relaxing and positive environment

  • All breeds and size are welcomed

  • Some of the basics, such as, leash walking, will be taught on a day to day basis​

Full Day $27

Check out our day to day structured schedule below! 


Our Structured Daycare

7-9am Drop Off
9:30am Pack walk on our beautifully groomed trails

11am Mental exercises

12pm Nap time/Lunch time
1pm Group Social
2pm Mental Exercises

3pm Group Social

3:30pm Down time with the pack
4-6pm Pick Up 



  • Must be older then 4 months 

  • All dogs must be spayed/neutered over 8 months of age

  • Dogs must be crate trained, or have an understanding of some sort of confinement

  • All vaccinations up to date, we will need a copy of your vet records on file.

  • New clients must undergo a behavioral assessment prior to joining our daycare

  • Dogs must have completed a training program, or training exercises provided prior to coming for daycare. This will help ensure your dog is ready to join our pack!